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Process Cooling Units

Dawsongroup | PCC has a modern fleet of process cooling units and fluid chillers available and ready for quick-deployment, with duties ranging from 10kw to 750kw to offer functional and reliable cooling of water, glycol mixes and other thermal transfer fluids.

Our process cooling units can operate as stand-alone units or can be coupled together with other units for increased efficiency and performance. We also have a fleet of Heat Pumps available for hire ranging from 20kw to 300kw.

Process Cooling Unit

Flexibility To Suit Your Application

Our current range of process chillers can produce outlet temperature down to -30c and are complemented by our range of onboard or additional pump sets to cover a wide range of flow requirements. In addition to this, our range of plated heat exchangers can be used across a wide range of applications including food grade, brine, acid, and chemical applications.

Our Customers Say…

”I like trust, transparency, good prices and partnership”

Danny Roberts, Logistics Manager, National Veterinary Service 

“You gave us the best option for what we wanted, it was the most complete unit,

Ricky Rowett, AMRC Composites Centre

“Dawsongroup provided a unique customer support service for our requirements”

Peter Greer, AstraZeneca

See Who We Have Helped

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    Case Study: Pharmaceutical

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    Case Study: Healthcare

    Our Customer had an issue with a chilled water circuit feeding critical scanning equipment.
  • Case Study: Data Centres

    Case Study: Data Centres

    A long-standing facilities manager partner approached us on behalf of a client they supported in Central London.
  • Case Study: Manufacturing

    Case Study: Manufacturing

    The customer manufactures a wide range of plastic storage containers for various applications.
  • Case Study: Bakery

    Case Study: Bakery

    We supplied/installed a suitably sized glycol (air-cooled) chiller with on board pumps /tank along with low-temperature air handlers positioned internally.
  • Case Study: Baked Savouries

    Case Study: Baked Savouries

    One of our customers had concerns over staff welfare from March through to the end of September during the higher …
  • Case Study: Dairy

    Case Study: Dairy

    Customer had experienced a major incident on site, which had resulted in the loss of some valuable storage space for …
  • Case Study: Confectionary

    Case Study: Confectionary

    The customer had major issues in their main packing area due to high ambient and humidity levels.
  • Case Study: 3PL

    Case Study: 3PL

    Customer was currently operating mixed products in an ambient warehousing facility – they had the opportunity to take on a …
  • Case Study: Automotive

    Case Study: Automotive

    Customer had secured a new contract which meant they needed to install various new manufacturing cells to their production area, …

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