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Hiring temporary PCC equipment for your commercial heating and cooling needs is a cost-effective way to meet your business demands. You don’t have to worry about servicing or maintenance of units, or losing value through the depreciation of aging assets. It’s crucial to choose a rental company you can trust for your specific PCC requirements. Fully accredited and compliant, Dawsongroup can advise on the best rental solution for your business that also offers additional benefits over buying.

Bespoke setup

The trouble with buying PCC utilities from traditional vendors is that they only have one aim: to sell product. They don’t help you with what happens next, or work with your budget to deliver maximum value for money. Here at Dawsongroup, we offer a customised, considerate approach to PCC that ensures all rented equipment is fit for purpose and set up correctly. By taking your specific business needs into account, we can troubleshoot any issues before they arise for total peace of mind.

Cost and energy efficient

Heating, cooling and ventilating your facilities improperly can have drastic consequences for your business, wasting your time and money to resolve. Meeting strict health and safety compliance standards, Dawsongroup carefully assess everything from fuel choices to heat output, offering a comprehensive PCC solution that achieves both cost and energy efficiency. This helps to reduce your environmental impact to avoid any fines, and also identifies key opportunities to scale your business in the long term.

24/7 support

Breakdowns can quickly become expensive if essential repairs are delayed, particularly where business operations are affected. In some cases, this can also pose health and safety risks to your team. That’s why Dawsongroup are always on hand to resolve any unexpected problems you may encounter. Our specialist engineers will get you up and running again quickly to minimise downtime and save you money. While our equipment hire is temporary, our commitment to customer care remains a permanent priority

Our Customers Say…

”I like trust, transparency, good prices and partnership”

Danny Roberts, Logistics Manager, National Veterinary Service 

“You gave us the best option for what we wanted, it was the most complete unit,

Ricky Rowett, AMRC Composites Centre

“Dawsongroup provided a unique customer support service for our requirements”

Peter Greer, AstraZeneca

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    Case Study: Pharmaceutical

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    Case Study: Healthcare

    Our Customer had an issue with a chilled water circuit feeding critical scanning equipment.
  • Case Study: Data Centres

    Case Study: Data Centres

    A long-standing facilities manager partner approached us on behalf of a client they supported in Central London.
  • Case Study: Manufacturing

    Case Study: Manufacturing

    The customer manufactures a wide range of plastic storage containers for various applications.
  • Case Study: Bakery

    Case Study: Bakery

    We supplied/installed a suitably sized glycol (air-cooled) chiller with on board pumps /tank along with low-temperature air handlers positioned internally.
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    Case Study: Automotive

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