Solution for Spike in Demand for Baked Goods

Customer Project

The customer had a massive spike in their demand for baked goods approaching Christmas, and off-site storage availability was limited and not ideal for their business. They had an ambient structure which they wanted to be able to use as a temporary chilled area for the additional volumes of their products, and they turned to DGPCC for a solution.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


A site visit was arranged to look at the volumes, building structure and product presentation. Armed with all the relevant information, we calculated the duty and selected the equipment required to maintain the desired room temperature, including planning for potential worst-case scenarios.

A glycol chiller with onboard pump and tank sited adjacent to the building, along with low-temperature air handlers positioned internally, was proposed as the ideal solution for this application. Selections were made and the proposal was accepted by the customer.


We supplied and installed a suitably sized glycol (air-cooled) chiller with on board pumps and tank, along with low-temperature air handlers which were positioned internally. The hire period was 16 weeks, which helped the customer manage a seasonal spike in demand at a fixed cost without any major capital investment.