Same Day Healthcare Solution

Customer Project

Our customer in the healthcare industry had an issue with a chilled water circuit feeding critical scanning equipment, and needed a solution the same day. The existing cooling circuit was working but had suffered from regular intermittent problems in maintaining the desired temperature. As the problem had deteriorated, they had to share another resource and this meant juggling and cancelling several appointments until this was resolved.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


Following a call from their Estates and Site Services department, we arranged an immediate site visit to look at the best solution. The existing unit was on the roof of the building; however, we found another route at ground level from which we could run flexible hoses at a high level to the existing connections. We isolated the existing unit to enable the customer to consider longer-term options going forward. Equipment was prepared and dispatched from our local depot on the same day, and our engineering and installation teams were on site ready to complete the installation as soon as the equipment arrived. The unit was connected, filled, and commissioned promptly and, once the site services team had completed their checks, we handed over to the customer.


With the facility back up and running at 100%, the customer was able to restart the unit and had only had to rearrange a small number of appointments from the previous day. In the healthcare industry, speed is often vital and DGPCC was able to provide a solution to the customer’s chilling issue the same day.