Rapid Heat Relief for Data Centre

Customer Project

A long-standing facilities manager partner approached us on behalf of a client they supported in Central London. High ambient temperatures in the capital were causing major issues, and the customer’s data centre needed rapid relief from the heat. With the existing cooling system struggling to maintain the required temperature in their server rooms, they were facing almost certain expensive and damaging outages.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


We immediately arranged an on-site meeting with all parties to determine the best solution. The main issue was access, along with the usual high-security issues associated with the location and nature of the business. With no available space on the roof, our best option for rapid deployment was to use a 130kw chiller/air handling system sited at ground level, and run ducting to the rooftop to support the existing condensers. Equipment was delivered later that day and our engineers installed and commissioned the system.


Our quick response provided rapid relief from the heat for the customer’s data centre, whilst avoiding costly downtime. The units provided sufficient supplementary cooling to fully support their existing system during the warmer months. With a potential major issue avoided, this enabled the customer to continue to operate and gave them time to consider a longer-term solution.