Rapid Cooling System Upgrade

Customer Project

The customer had secured a new contract which meant they needed to install various new manufacturing cells in their production area, and this would put a strain on their central cooling system. They had determined they would need to change the internal pipework and upgrade the current cooling system – this would take several months, incur major capital expenditure, and cause disruption to the existing business.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


One of our project engineers visited site to look at the issues they were facing. Having completed a site survey with the site services team, they found they could provide the required additional cooling to the new cells and also take some pressure off the existing operation which was running at capacity. We provided prices for a suitably sized air-cooled water chiller, manifolds, hoses, bypasses, and ancillaries whilst on site, and a written proposal was sent to the customer to present to the business for approval.


Once the go-ahead was received from the customer, and with the selected hire kit readily available from our extensive fleet, we liaised with our client and agreed on a weekend installation to minimise disruption to the customer’s existing production. The equipment was delivered, installed, and commissioned by our specialist installation team all on the same day.

DGPCC provided a rapid cooling system upgrade with major benefits for the customer. It enabled them to take on an additional volume of work without major capital expenditure, and with no disruption to existing productivity. The hired equipment also took some pressure off the existing production.