Contingency Planning at Its Finest

Customer Project

Our customer had been experiencing various issues with their central cooling plant at one of their main distribution sites for several months. Although it had been regularly maintained, the plant was in a poor state of repair and breakdowns were becoming more regular. They had had various quotes to repair the system but, as there was more than one issue to address, it would take time and there was no guarantee the work would offer a long-lasting repair. They needed time to consider their options. DGPCC provided contingency planning for the worst case scenario, as well as the breathing space that hiring a solution offered.

Dairy Case Study - Contingency Planning at Its Finest - inside a chilled warehouse


The customer had approached DGPCC in the summer and asked us to provide a contingency plan which could be rapidly deployed in the event of total plant failure. Alternatively, supplemental cooling could be supplied if the plant struggled during higher temperatures. A detailed site survey was carried out and a selection of solutions and provisional costings provided.

When we received an out of hours call to say that the customer’s main system had failed, we were able to offer the best solution based on the information already logged on the system.


A 350kw air cooled glycol chiller, seven low temperature evaporators, hoses, and fittings, along with a generator package (including optional fuel management) were deployed without delay. Our installation and commissioning teams met on site, ready to coordinate the arrival of our equipment and ensure a smooth installation with minimum disruption to the working site.

The area was up and running within twelve hours of the initial call. There was no loss of product due to the robust contingency planning that the site had implemented with our support.