Additional Capacity for New Opportunities

Customer Project

The customer was operating mixed products in an ambient warehousing facility. They had the opportunity to take on a lucrative new contract for a new line of products which would need to be stored in a fully controlled environment. They contacted DGPCC for a bespoke solution that would give them the additional capacity to meet their new requirements.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


We consulted with the client and arranged a full site survey of the premises. We identified that, with some adjustments, they had capacity within the existing facility. This meant we could segregate an area specifically for the new venture which could take high-level racking and have room for our air distribution system. The cooling plant and air distribution system was designed with the customer, and a full proposal submitted for approval.


We supplied, installed and commissioned suitable heat pumps and air handling equipment and worked with our approved partner to install the air distribution system.

The customer was able to take on a new line of products that offered a higher yield with the additional capacity DGPCC provided, with the option to expand this further in the future. With our flexible hire agreement, we could upgrade their capacity as and when it was required.