A Sweet Temperature and Humidity Solution

Customer Project

The customer had major issues in their main packing area due to high ambient temperature and humidity levels. This was causing products to sweat and stick together, resulting in high rejection rates on some of the main packaging lines. The staff were also working in an uncomfortable climate. The customer turned to DGPCC for a solution to their temperature and humidity issues.

Process Cooling Unit | DGPCC - keeping pharma products cool; instant chilled storage


The site survey was quickly arranged and, once on site, we determined that part of the permanent cooling plant had failed and although the dehumidifier was operating, it was doing so at a greatly reduced capacity and was beyond economic repair.

Having discussed the ideal climate conditions for the customer’s processes and selected the appropriate equipment, we were tasked with implementing the solution without affecting peak production. As this area was in a central location of the factory, we had to factor in running a fairly long hose and ducting runs. Routes and access points were agreed, and we were able to comply with site requirements and offer a rapidly deployable solution.


Over the weekend, enabling pipework and access points were completed, whilst the installation and commissioning were completed on the following Monday, without any further downtime.

The result was that DGPCC provided a temperature and humidity solution which ensured they were kept within the optimum conditions, and staff also benefitted from a more comfortable working environment.